IACA’s Code of Ethics

The vision of the Institute is to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world by supporting arboricultural consulting professionals to manage and enhance the urban forest. To foster this vision, IACA Members agree to abide by this Code of Ethics.

  1. Members shall promote the professional management of trees in the urban environment
  2. Members shall provide honest, unbiased and independent advice to their clients in line with current tree management standards and industry best practice
  3. Members shall not act as an advocate for a party and shall notify their clients where their services may be influenced by prior dealings
  4. Members shall conduct themselves professionally in the workplace at all times
  5. Members shall not make disparaging statements about any fellow member, even where there is a difference of professional opinion about an arboricultural matter
  6. Members shall strive for the ongoing advancement of the profession by continual self-improvement, and by encouraging and assisting others
  7. Members shall maintain client confidentiality unless the client’s conduct is considered unconscionable or constitutes an imminent risk to the public
  8. Members shall provide clear information to clients in relation to their services, fees and charges
  9. Members shall not in any way misrepresent their skills and ability
  10. Members shall decline work or seek assistance when requested services are outside their level of competence

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