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IACA was formed as a incorporated association in 2003 to support and promote the professional interests and ongoing development of Consulting Arboriculturists in Australia, and their specialised services of providing objective and unbiased advice regarding urban tree management.

The vision of the Institute is to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world by supporting arboricultural consulting professionals to manage and enhance the urban forest. To foster this vision, IACA Accredited Members are qualified practitioners who are subject to ongoing professional education and development as one of the criteria for membership.

Why choose an IACA Accredited Member?

IACA Accredited Members are AQF Level 5 or equivalent qualified Consulting Arborists and experienced in providing arboricultural advice. Most Councils request that Arboricultural Reports are prepared by qualified practitioners with this level of expertise. IACA members renew their membership annually, and insurances, ongoing professional development and commitment to the arboricultural standards of the organisation are checked and reaffirmed at this time.

Membership eligibility is excluded for practitioners involved in undertaking tree pruning or removal, or the management or ownership of such businesses, due to the potential for ethical conflict between these activities and the consultancy process.

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What is the Urban Forest?

The urban forest is a significant contributor to healthy, sustainable cities. Made up of trees, gardens, natural areas, waterways, green walls and roofs, the urban forest, or green infrastructure, is a primary component of the urban ecosystem and is directly related to the liveability of a city.

A city’s trees directly influence the climate and living environment – providing shade, moderating temperature, intercepting wind and storm water – all free of charge. Where do we naturally gravitate to on a hot summer’s day! A city with a healthy population of trees will support a community that is healthier, happier and socially richer than a city landscape that is devoid of trees. Streets without tree canopy are hotter, harsher and higher risk to health and safety than tree-lined streets. It is trees that supply shade, cooling, better air quality, and a greater sense of space and aesthetics resulting in less violence and crime, superior health, more outdoor recreation, and enhanced community cohesion.

The urban forest provides measurable social, environmental and economic benefits. As with any asset, good management will enhance the cost benefit relationship. Members of IACA contribute to good management of the urban forest with their knowledge and experience in sustaining trees individually and collectively.

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